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october 8 2021 · sonic chronicles models

first thing i want to discuss on this mini blog are the models used in sonic chronicles: the dark brotherhood. what. were they thinking.

why??? are the irises so wide??? i get having big eyes makes the model cuter but these models cross the line between cute and terrifying

the models being low poly isn't even the problem. we've seen low poly sonic models that look great! (see below: sonic rush for the ds, same console as chronicles)

omg i love ds sonic so much,,, it really makes me wish that they kept using ds models for sonic the portable / sonic 4 instead of going with that plasticy modern sonic...

december 8 2021 · sonic movie 2 poster - first look!!

ok earlier today the sonic movie 2 poster dropped and oH MY GOD

this looks SO BADASS. sonic and tails both look really cool and cute at the same time. and jim carrey is looking like the eggman from the games like what we saw at the end of the first film!! also that's a buzzbomber in the background!! and the whole piece looks like the ending screen of sonic 2 (the game)...


june 15 2023 · ...it's been a while, hasn't it?? the 2022 sonic movie 2 obsession

i may or may not have forgotten that i had a neocities site... i might come back here more regularly just to update this blog about my interests. the sonic obsession is still going strong but recently dragon ball z has had me in a chokehold. expect a lot more future trunks images on this page soon.

so. updates. in december 2021 i stayed up until 2am to watch the first sonic movie 2 trailer (thanks, american timezones) and i was going INSANE over movie knuckles' first appearance. i believe at that showcase they also showed a frontiers trailer? which i was also excited for but i was estatic for the movie.

commence a 5-month long obsession over the second sonic movie. i was getting more and more excited with each new trailer, ESPECIALLY the 'big game spot' where they showed off the death egg robot for the first time!! from december till april every day i thought about how excited i was for this film. i've actually never been more excited for anything in my enitre life, before or since.

the uk release date was 1st april 2022 but due to stuff going on at the time i had to wait until sunday 3rd to watch it, with my friend and my sister and her friend. i had gotten my friend very excited for this film too with how much i was going on about it for the past few months but we were both especially excited to see if shadow would show up in the post-credit scene.

needless to say we both FREAKED OUT when he actually showed up..!!! i REALLY enjoyed the film as a whole, especially the final few scenes (all the hype was definitely worth it) but that moment, starting from when they said 'fifty years' solidified sonic movie 2 as the best cinema experience of my life and i'm not even joking.

for most of 2022 after that i had the most INSANE shadow the hedgehog obsession, ESPECIALLY in april when i was trying to revise for my GCSEs but all i could think about was this stupid cartoon hedgehog... i have a sketchbook from that year that has over 50 shadow drawings LMAO.

other 2022 sonic projects... i was excited for origins but mainly because i wanted to see the animated cutscenes. i never actually bought the game - i know, i'm a fake fan. i DID however buy frontiers day one. i tried so hard to avoid spoilers for that game and i'm glad i did because this was the first sonic game i had played without knowing ANYTHING about the story,, and it was one of the best stories in the franchise. i really enjoyed frontiers and it's up there as one of my favourite sonic games. sonic prime s1 came out in december that year and i enjoyed that too. shadow was really the highlight of that show i think.

i think that's all i wanted to say! i'll come back every now and then to give my thoughts / analysis on the things i like. this site will most likely be getting a bit of an overhaul too. :)